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Dress (maternity – last worn here) | Jacket | Similar Neckerchief | Boots via Target (old – FYI Target is having a BOGO sale through April 15)

I absolutely hate when a stupid trend digs its claws deep within me and the neckerchief is one of those trends. For those unfamiliar, a neckerchief is basically the middle ground between a scarf and a handkerchief – for the neck. While I scoff at the fact that I’m on the neckerchief bandwagon I also can’t deny that it has some sartorial street cred to back it up. From models to bloggers to the occasional real life neckerchief encounter, this may not be just another fleeting fad.

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One of the reasons I dig the trend is because it can spice up an otherwise basic outfit with some personality and color with just the tie of a knot. In this particular pairing, I love how the colors compliment each other. I’ve tended to stick to the traditional paisley bandana print but have a few vintage silk scarves that may need a little love in the near future. What do you think, are you team neckerchief?

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Get the Look:

Dress (maternity – last worn here| Jacket | Similar Neckerchief | Boots via Target (old – FYI Target is having a BOGO sale through April 15) 


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