Theodore – Seven Months Old

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Y’all, this little man is going to be trouble. He has this mischievous smile, like he’s got something brewing and while I can’t take out his master plan just yet, you know being immobile and all, Theo has a few aces up his sleeve. But when he is, tiny man is going to wreak havoc! All with the power of his older sister, I can already tell.


Routine: I am happy to report that we haven’t had any major snags. We’re pretty set on our schedule all around which makes our days run pretty smoothly, thank goodness!

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Napping/Sleeping: It’s
funny to think that at
this time in her life
, Remy wasn’t sleeping in her crib/own room yet
however Theo is doing so well with the transition. His late night fuss sessions
are at a minimum, too. We haven’t really had to stop in for a midnight snack in
at least a month! Yay for sleeping through the night for everyone!!

new thing is to wake up around 6:45 a.m. and entertain himself with his coo’s. Since
I’m already up at that time during the week it’s cute but on weekends it’s a
little annoying. But still cute;)

 photo E4EC0C22-699E-4058-9D04-962BD25EB4A1_zpsadysxgui.jpg

Eating: Homeboy
has developed an appetite in the last month, much like his sister at this age. For
his 8am/11am/2pm/5pm feedings he takes a 6 ounce bottle of breast milk. At his
11am and 2pm feedings he also eats 4 oz. of baby food. Carrots and prunes are
his favorites but he also enjoys squash, sweet potatoes and pears. He does not
like peas. Lastly, for his 8 p.m. feeding he takes an 8 oz. bottle of formula.

that Theo is no longer breastfeeding directly from the nip
, we have a set schedule
that seems to be working for all of us. I pump before work at 6 a.m. and then
at work at 10 a.m. and sometime between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. My last pump of the
day is at 8 p.m. once the kids have been put to bed. My milk supply has plummeted
exponentially so a days-worth of pumping offers roughly three or four 6 oz.

 photo 30FA8F78-6CA9-43BE-9E49-826AB737368A_zpsk45g5cbn.jpg

Growth/Health/Development: No official stats but homeboy is
getting heav-y! I love that he’s a little chunker. His thigh rival Remy’s at
his age.

Essentially it doesn’t look like his third tooth is
coming in but if I had to guess it must be hiding somewhere in that little
mouth of his. Theo is the drooliest baby EVER! I don’t remember Remy being so
drooly. He seriously soaks through all of his cloths – we have to take two
change of clothes to daycare just for all the drool.

He’s still wearing six month clothing comfortably
with a few nine month onesies and tees sprinkled amongst his wardrobe. He has
transitioned to size 3 diapers (dem
and rolling around from his back to his stomach and back again is
his favorite thing!

We are currently working on him sitting up by
himself. He could do it for about 10-15 seconds but then decides to look at
something behind him and falls over. He’s getting there, tho. Also, just like
his sister Theo loves his ExerSaucer! It
has been a life saver when I have to do dishes or something of that nature.

 photo 3C928684-EAC6-4D5F-B4D6-D0EED8A5904B_zpsekjkitqn.jpg


  • He claps if you celebrate something! He only ever does it every so often but when he does it’s the cutest thing ever!
  • By combining the worm maneuver and using his legs to ‘climb’ the floor Theo get to toys that are out of reach. I think little guy will be crawling soon enough
  • No words yet but I think da-da may be on the horizon…
  • He has the goofiest smile there it was
  • He shakes his head no
  • We saw the Easter Bunny this weekend and Theo was neither here nor there about a grown man that dresses up in a bunny costume
  • He likes to look at the baby in the mirror and talks back to him:)


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