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So here we are, entering month number four of the #BuyLessLiveMoreChallenge and in complete transparency March was a complete crapshoot. I fell of the wagon, HARD, and did some frivolous spending that, in all honesty, don’t regret one bit. Here’s why – I went two whole months without spending a dime on clothes and accessories and I’d never done that before. That, my friends, is a small victory in and of itself. Gotta revel in the victories.

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While I did want to go six full months without shopping, that’s
just not something that was feasible or realistic for me. Let’s be real. I had
good intentions however going cold turkey was probably not the best way to go
about things. So I’ve modified the challenge for myself. And by happy accident
I was able to spend a little money to augment my wardrobe with a few spring
without feeling guilty.

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In an attempt to keep the balance in our home, the fella gave me
a proposition. We had just received our tax refund and had paid off some debt
when my husband wanted to buy himself a little something. The proposal – if he
could spend money to buy his ‘new toy’ then I could do the same. I get the same
amount of money to do with what I want. You better believe that I jumped at the
chance to do a little shopping! If you didn’t notice – we enable each other.

All that back story just to tell y’all that these overalls were
one of my purchases. I’d been stalking them ever since I saw them on Karla but was sad to find out that they came with a hefty price tag. But with
a few extra bucks in my pocket, I figured that they’d be an investment, and that’s just what they are. There are a few more purchases I’ve made with my
‘proposal’ money but you’ll see them as the temps warm up. And once March comes
to a close the shopping will stop. I just have to hold out until July. Although my birthday is in May…

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