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Wide Brim Hat

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Get the Look:

Tee (in gray) | Sweater (in pink) | Boots | Hat

Just in case you thought Winter was actually over, its not. It’s so cold they’re forecasting snow sometime this week. Mother Nature got one over on us, y’all. Sure, you may have won the war but…who am I kidding, I think it’s going to be a while before I can sport a dress sans tights again. Remy was pretty convinced the warm weather was here to stay, too. I can’t even count how many times she asked if we could go back to the park like the other weekend. Me too, kid. Me too. I wore a tank top the other day for goodness sake!?

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When I’m feeling less than inspired with my wardrobe I turn to accessories to breathe new life in to old clothes. I also depend heavily on my remixing abilities to try and make pieces more versatile. This crop sweater, for example, paired pretty perfectly with my pleated hem t-shirt. A match made in heaven, I tell ya! The embroidered detailing of these booties also had a hand at making this outfit pop a little extra. But the real MVP (Most Valuable Piece) here has to be the wide brim hat. Adds the perfect amount of umph this look needed. I’m also a little partial to sharing some love to my favorite sartorial era – the 60s/70s. So there’s that.

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Get the Look:

Tee (in gray) | Sweater (in pink) | Boots | Hat


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