Theodore – Six Months Old

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And just like that my little man is six months old. Where has the time gone? I feel like time is more fleeting with the second kid, is that just me? I’ve been thinking about writing a post around motherhood, the second time around, and how things are the same yet different if that makes any sense. Let me know if that’s something y’all might be interested in reading:)


Routine: The train is still running smoothly! We’ve had some major life changes, over at Casa de Mason, and somehow we’ve managed to keep our routine chugging along without any major hiccups. Did I just jinx myself? In all seriousness tho, the changes haven’t really phased mini man at all which I guess isn’t all that surprising since he’s so young.

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Napping/Sleeping: Theo is officially sleeping in his crib! It’s been a solid three weeks and the kid transitioned like a champ! A big shout out to our  Dockatot for making the transition so easy. New mom must-have, for sure!

He’s sleeping through the night pretty consistently and if he’s fussy we just pop the pacifier right back in his mouth and we’re golden. There are nights when he wakes up once to feed, but otherwise homeboy is making life easy on us all around. As I’ve mentioned before, he sleeps from 8 p.m. when he get’s fed his last bottle of the day to about 7/7:30 a.m.

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Eating: I kind of have to come to terms with the fact that Theo’s appetite isn’t has intense as Remy’s was at this age. Don’t get me wrong, the little dude eats, he just isn’t as intent on eating ALL THE THINGS as his sister was at six months.

Theo is steadily taking a 6 ounce bottle every three hours. However at daycare apparently he loses interest at his 5 p.m. feeding because he always comes home with about 2 ounces untouched. Um Theo, this stuff is liquid gold so please don’t waste it!

We also introduced oatmeal into his diet! If we’re lucky (and have time) he has roughly 3-4 ounces of oatmeal after his ‘dinner’ bottle around 6 p.m. On the weekends I try and feed him oatmeal at at least three of his five feedings. Again, that only happens if I’ve allotted enough time for everything to go down. But again, sometimes he likes it and sometimes he refuses to eat. It’s so weird. In the next couple of weeks I want to try giving him baby food/purees. We’ll see how it goes.

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Growth/Health/Development: Mister Man weighed in at 16 pounds 2 ounces, is 26.8 inches long and has a head circumference of 16.75. Unfortunately Theo had to get three shots this go around, one of which was his flu shot, but he braved it like a champ. The pediatrician did suggest upping his milk intake or including one more feeding because based on the percentile he fell in this month, he did not steadily increase, instead he dropped.

He was pretty sick a few weeks back. Like running nose, phlegmy cough – the whole shebang. It broke my heart that I couldn’t really do anything to relive his discomfort. He’s doing much better now but still have a little bit of a cough.

Theo has TWO teeth! One of them we saw coming since he hit the four month mark but the second one sprouted out of nowhere! He’s been drooling like a crazy – Theo goes through two outfit changes daily, easy. Grandpa says he thinks a third one is sure to break through any day now on his top gums.

Our little man is growing at a steady rate! He is fitting well into his six month clothing with a few 3-6 month pieces still fitting okay. He is also still wearing size 2 diapers comfortably.

And we have a roller, ladies and gents! Apparently he’d been rolling from his stomach to his back at daycare for the last week or so, and the other day Kevin saw his rollover twice! I finally witnessed it myself this past weekend and so happy I got it on camera! He still hasn’t quite mastered rolling from his back to his stomach but he’s getting there. He’s having issues with what to do with his arms once he gets his legs to swing over.

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  • He likes to suck on his toes. The fact that he can get his legs to bend that way is beyond me but homeboy loves his toe sandwiches!
  • He absolutely adore Remy! He lights up when she walks into the room, it’s the cutest thing!
  • He prefers to be sitting up instead of laying down
  • He smiles when I sing to him


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