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5 Relationship Tips You Can Learn From The Bachelor

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Joe Fresh for JCPenny (old) | Similar Denim | Heart Purse | Clogs via Old Navy [love these!]

I wouldn’t say I’m a die hard Bachelor/Bachelorette fan but I’ve watched enough seasons to have picked up a couple dating tips along the way. While I’m not utilizing the intel I’ve gathered to sucker my fella into popping the question (we’re well past that stage – hello seven years of marriage come Fall?!), I can’t deny the fact that even in marriage one should continue to court their partner and keep the ‘dating’ alive! But that logic is for a different post. Though not all Bachelor/Bachelorette relationships last, the tips viewers pick up can be used in real life. No, seriously! Here are just five tips you can learn from the show that’ll help you hook ‘em. With that, enjoy tonight’s episode! Who do you have winning Nick’s heart?

The first impression [rose] can essentially seal the deal. Whether it’s a silly costume or pickup line, that first impression can you get you places, i.e. to that final rose ceremony. There seems to be a pattern tho, if you can make the other person laugh, you’re basically in.

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Don’t be emotionally lazy. Meaning, if there’s no chemistry – end it and don’t waste anyone’s time. Other than sticking around and trying to make it work, cut your losses and move on.

Being the best doesn’t always make you a winner. How many times have we seen a Bachelor/Bachelorett forgo America’s favorite for another contestant. Sometimes in love, and in life, being the best doesn’t always translate to wins.

Go after what you want. If we’ve learned one thing from the Bachelor/Bachelorett series, its that the ‘Corrine’ of the group may actually be going about it the right way. They put it all out there, they are selfish with the quality time given and they are ruthless. In love, you’ve gotta be brave enough to be a little cray. But really, wait until the third date before you let all the crazy out;)

Love isn’t a competition. In the end, I hope viewers understand that there should be no form of competition in the love that you seek. As much as  the show makes it seem that way, you can’t make someone fall more in love with you or less in love with someone else if it’s not meant to be.

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Joe Fresh for JCPenny (old) | Similar Denim | Heart Purse | Clogs via Old Navy [love these!]


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