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Denim c/o | Gap Stripe Tee | Sneakers

There is really nothing outstanding about this outfit. This is my standard #momstyle uniform for weekend days spent outside running around with my 3 year old while also lugging around a nine pound meatball. But that’s just what makes this outfit the perfect disguise. In reality, I’m a super hero – what, you didn’t know? My superpower is motherhood.

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From smelling poop two rooms away, to finding ALL THE LOST THINGS, my mom radar is pretty spot on. I didn’t just inherit stretch marks and extra lbs, when I became a mother I also magically received a few extra gifts. Cat-like reflexes, dog-like hearing and milk-making utters (I’m sensing a theme here…) are only just a few of the superpowers that were bestowed upon me on July 11, 2013.

On this particular day there was no cape just a really comfortable pair of distressed high waist denim, a classic stripe tee (with a twist, of course) and the standard issue footwear of moms everywhere. It’s easy, it’s durable and it’s cute – what more could I ask for on a 70 degree day? NOTHING! And because this little guy rarely makes it on the blog (other than his monthly updates), here’s your does of Mr. Theodore LeRoy. Gah, that coy little grin gets me every time.

photo IMG_5585_zps3af2comw.jpg

photo IMG_5614_zpsms7ddiph.jpg

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photo IMG_5592_zpsmymsljq7.jpg

Get the Look:

Denim c/o | Gap Stripe Tee | Sneakers


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