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Why I’m Ok Being a Mediocre Blogger

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When I first started Fabulously Average I wanted it to be more than what it currently is. Maybe not a quit-my-job-and-become-a-full-time-blogger type of blog but ultimately a space where readers can come to gather (and share!) inspiration on life, motherhood, style and more! To my dismay, this blog is far behind the bloggers I “came up with,” and while it eerks me more than I’d like to show, I’m still extremely proud of the content I’ve created thus far. This is a space where I am free to pursue and express my creative endeavors and I want it to continue to be that place for me, even though I’m not at the top of anyone’s list. Which is why I’m okay being a mediocre blogger…

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Let me explain. I’m not necessarily okay with it but I’ve come to finally accept that I won’t ever be a ‘top’ blogger. I’ve come to terms with this and realized that by me being a mediocre blogger I can be stellar wife, an above average employee and a present mother. By being a mediocre blogger I can also actually enjoy dinner with friends without having to document it or actually have, God forbid, an unmanicured Instagram page. I can dedicate more time to climbing up the ranks in my career, teach my daughter how to read and spending more time watching my kids grow instead of slaving behind my computer to get a blog post up on time. By being a mediocre blogger I can not go into debt to have the “IT” bag/shoes/sweater, I can take time “off” when I’m burnt out and not feel completely guilty about it and don’t have to rely on this blog to be my main source of income.

So my point is, I will continue to have this space where I can share and document tidbits of my life, my style and essentially who I am as I keep growing into myself. It may not always result in a crap ton of page views, sponsorship’s or mentions but it’ll sure be real and raw. Should I change FabAve’s tagline to read: Not always shinny but definitely authentic? Love it! Until next week, my friends!

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