Theodore – Five Months Old

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I can’t express to y’all how much this little guy lights up our world. Remy was a pretty happy baby but there’s something about Theo that radiates so much joy! I’d place bets to say that Remy will be the know-it-all popular girl while Theo will be the guy that everyone like’s because he’s just that happy!



Routine: Like I mentioned last month, little man is now going to an in-home daycare full time. He seems to like it for what I can gather when I pick him up, so there’s that. The caregiver always tells me that he’s a favorite among all the children that are also there. They like how happy and cheerful he always is!

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Napping/Sleeping: I can’t say the kid is a bad sleeper but compared to his sister’s sleep through the night experience it’s a little bit of a challenge for both mommy and daddy that value their sleep. Don’t get me wrong, Theo only wakes up once during the night to nurse, otherwise the little due is golden, sleeping from 8 p.m. to 7:30/8 a.m. He’s actually slept through the night every night this week, so I’m crossing my fingers the four month sleep regression is at its end.

Since he hasn’t rolled over on his own yet, I don’t feel completely comfortable with him sleeping in his crib during the night. However next month we’ll be transitioning him regardless and utilizing the Dockatot to cradle him safely within the crib.

Eating: We are working on upping Theo’s bottle intake to 6 ounces throughout the day, however for the bottle before bed he is taking that much easily.

I am also thinking of introducing wheat oatmeal into his diet. He typically takes a bottle at 5 p.m., get’s picked up from daycare and does not fed again until 8. My plan is to feed him the oatmeal around 6:30, while we are having our dinner, to get him nice and full for a long night time sleep;)

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Growth/Health/Development: No official stats for little man this month but someone is definitely getting meaty! I love a good, plump baby – remember Remy at this age? – so you better believe I appreciate the extra lbs:)

Theo has unofficially grown into his six month clothing! He’s obviously still wearing many of the clothes labeled 3-6 months but a few things are already looking snug. He’s still wearing size 2 diapers comfortably.

Unfortunately Theo still hasn’t figured out how to roll on his back but he’s getting sooo close. All he really needs to do is swing his leg over but he refuses to do it! It’s like the rest of his body has figured out what needs to be done but his one leg isn’t following suit.

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  • He is always smiling. Like all.the.time. He’d does this smile where he cocks his head to the side and has this coy look on his face. Ahh, such a cutie!
  • Speaking of his head, it’s so big. It’s probably one of my favorite things about him, his big head:)
  • Theo enjoys sucking on his fingers, specifically the index and middle finger of his right hand.
  • Homeboy is a Chatty Chadwick! He coo’s and ca’s sooo much we’re convinced Daddy will be overshadowed by the big personalities of everyone else in our family.


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