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Hat Trick: The Many Hats I Wear as a Mom

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As moms, we wear many hats. Whether we are SAHM’s (stay at home moms) or working moms, like myself, we tend do more than just our standard ‘roles.’ If you think about it, we never really get to hang our hats at the end of the day – we are constantly switching from one hat to another day in and day out. It’s what we do and for that moms are amazing! Today I thought I’d share a few of the hats that I wear on the daily and that make me more than just a mom.

Chef/Nutritionist – When I get home after a nine hour day at work (not including the hour commute to and from work) I head to the kitchen and get my Iron Chef on! I really enjoy beating everyone home and having dinner ready by the time Kevin and the kiddos get home from their day. On top of that, I try to ensure that the food my family is ingesting is quality, rich in nutrient types of foods. That in and of itself is feat now a days.

House Keeper – I make sure the clothes are laundered and put away, the dishes are clean, the beds are made – I keep our house in tip top shape! Maybe not all at the same time but generally there’s at least one room in the house that’s clean;)

Referee – I’m either maintaining the peace between Remy and daddy, Remy and some other kid or Remy and myself, I think I’ve put in a enough hours to be the official referee in my home. I can’t even imagine my reffing hours once Theo is mobile and talking…

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Stylist – I dress myself, dress both my kids and believe it or not, I dress Mr. FabAve, too! Whether its family pictures, church or a school I keep my family lookin’ oh so fresh;)

Personal Assistant – I make sure the kids’ bags are packed before daddy takes them to school/daycare, I ensure our plans are prepped and ready for the week, I fill out paperwork, guarantee Mr. Panda is waiting for Remy for the car ride home and so much more – nothing get’s done during the week without my green light.

Doctor – From wiping runny noses, to examining what might have been in one of the kid’s poop (gross, I know), to taking on both kids and daddy when he’s feeling under the weather – is there a doctor in the house, yes yes there is!

Teacher – Number, letters, rolling over, clapping – it’s on me to pick up where the amazing teachers and caregivers leave off and continue the learning at home.

Therapist – I’m there to listen to my husband when he’s down and most recently have taken Remy as a new client when she’s feeling ‘frustrated’ as she puts it, to calm her down and choose the right words to express herself versus hitting. Being a mom, playing therapist is one of my biggest roles – to be a lending ear, to offer advice and to sometimes tell my family things they don’t want to hear. It’s what I do.

So moms, sound off: What additional hats do you wear? 

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Pants c/o | Turtleneck | Long Cardigan | Similar Booties | Hat 


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