Theodore – Four Months Old

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We have officially exited the forth trimester! I wouldn’t say we left it unscathed but doing the whole infant baby thing with a threenager in tow is a feat all on its own. But I digress because its gone and over and now we enter the fun parts like sleep regression and teething! More on that below…


Routine: So mommy’s been back at work full-time now for a little over a month and our routine is chugging along pretty smoothly! Weirdly enough though, the predictability of our mornings has become my favorite thing. And here I thought it would be a struggle of major proportions.

I try to get my day started by 6:15 a.m. to pump and apply my makeup simultaneously. I portion out Theo’s feeding for the day, prepare my lunch, brush my teeth, get dressed and then get Remy ready (brush teeth, get dressed, comb hair) for the day. By this time Kevin is either just getting in the shower or just getting out. Remy sits and watches an episode of Paw Patrol while dad is getting ready and I’m changing Theo’s diaper and get him dress. Once Kevin is dressed that’s my queue to head into work. In the time before daddy takes the kids to school and daycare, he feeds the kids and that’s our morning!

We’ll actually be starting him at a new in-home daycare at the end of the month. I’m very weary about it but have met the person that will be caring for him and she seems nice. We’re going the in-home daycare route for Mr. Theo in an attempt to save money. Enrolling him at the daycare Remy is at would be an additional $400 we do not have. My thought is that we’ll transition him over once Remy is in kindergarten.

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Napping/Sleeping: I’m pretty sure we’re going through some sort of sleep regression or the little dude is teething. Or both. There was a week though, that he slept through the night and it was a glorious week. But it’s over now. He is waking up at least once a night to nurse and is being more fussy than normal which is making it harder for me to get back to sleep. Also, I haven’t transitioned him into his crib yet but it will be happening within the next month or so.

Eating: Theo is still talking five ounces of breast milk every three hours. We tried upping his intake to six ounces but he wouldn’t finish it all. The stock pile of milk is still growing. Pretty soon there won’t be anymore room in the freezer…

I think we’ll be introducing baby oatmeal next month or two, so that should be fun and messy!

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Growth/Health/Development: Little man is in the 30th percentile for weight weighing in at 14 pounds flat. The doctor was a tad bit concerned about his height. While last month he was in the 68th percentile for his age and length this month he dropped to 38th yet he still grew an inch and half coming in at 25 inches flat. Theo’s dome tho is massive coming in at 16.5 inches around putting him in the 55th percentile.

Homeboy is fitting in to size 2 diapers and is in 3-6 month clothing nicely! A ton of his clothes have been packed away cause he’s grown out of them and I’m looking to add a few more winter pieces to his wardrobe, without going overboard of course. Just gotta wait for the right sale!

Theo still hasn’t figured out how to roll on his back but he’s getting close. He has however mastered scooting like a worm. It is the cutest thing ever! Will Mister Man crawl sooner than his sister? Maybe.

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  • So much drooling (because of the teething), his fists are always in his mouth
  • He is such a smiley baby, especially in the morning
  • He likes when you play with his feet and his thighs
  • I think he answers to his name! If you call out for him he turns to face you, and even looks for Remy when we call out for her name
  • If he’s not in his Zen Swaddle (which only happens during day time sleep), he sleeps with his hands over his head
  • Some of his hair is coming out blonde, I’m not quite sure how I feel about that…
  • He blows raspberries like a pro


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