The Tale of the Unstoppable Threenager

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Tell me this – why do veteran parents warn of the terrible twos when the threenage years are far, far worse. These last several months have been a true test to my parenting abilities. My little angel has become my own personal terrorist, mastering the art of emotional warfare like a pro. I have come to realize that I’ve got my work cut out for me in about 10 years…

Her never back down attitude is something I actually admire because it’s not something I possess as an adult. Remy is no push over, that’s for sure. I just wish that she’d use it for good and not for the Darkside especially as she gets older. Her counterinsurgency strategy is bar none for a three year old, pitting daddy and mommy against each other like a seasoned pro. To be candid, Kevin and I often have to regroup and remember we are parenting from the same playbook. It’s a challenge but each day we are all learning.

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But I can’t blame it all on my three year old because let’s be real here, Remy is learning from someone (i.e. me). I can’t deny the fact that I have no patience. My fuse is short (#latintemper) so screaming ensues shortly after a situation begins. Put on your boxing gloves, boys and girls, we’ve got a fighter on our hands! Home girl is a formidable opponent, going toe to toe with me when she doesn’t agree with mommy’s marching orders. But that’s the thing, I want that for her – I want her to always stand up for herself if she feels she’s being bullied or mistreated. I want her to question authority because we all know those in power aren’t always right. I want her to hold tight to that fighting spirit!

At the end of the day, what I realize most is that I miss her. I miss the little girl that held my hand tight, cuddled in bed with me, that looked for my approval. I’ve become the bad guy so much getting a smile directed towards me is rare. There’s always a scowl on her face when she speaks to me. And it’s my fault. I have no patience for disorder, and she’s a walking talking mini version of me.

I guess I just have to appreciate that bold and rebellious spirit. It is something I admire about my Remy face and in most instances, love about her. She’s my little powerhouse – intelligent, resilient, spunky, beautiful, the list goes on and on (#thefutureisfemale)! At the end of the day, she may drive me absolutely bonkers but man oh man do I love her! Four will be better, right?


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