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Real Talk: 12 Parenting Goals I Have for my Family

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As I embrace this new role as a mother of two kids, I’ve been thinking about the parent I want to become. So today I’ve rounded up a few parenting
goals I have for our family:

  1. I want to teach them to explore, ask questions
    and to use their imagination.
  2. I don’t want them to be afraid to follow their
    dreams or their hearts.
  3. I hope to teach them to be kind. To everyone.
  4. While Dad tends to be the fun parent, I have a
    tendency to be the one that implements the rules. I really want to work on being
    spontaneous and easygoing.
  5. I want to let them know it’s okay to march to
    the beat of their own drums. Embrace the weird!
  6. I want them know that we’ll always be there to
    support them.
  7. I want to lead by example.
  8. I don’t want to be known for always worrying
    about making messes.
  9. I do want to be known for goofy voices, silly
    jokes, tickle fights and warm hugs.
  10. Naturally I want to teach them good manners and
    how to respect others.
  11. I want to worry less about technology and more about playing outside.
  12. I want them to know they can always make a


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