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I wear this sweater far more than I’d like to admit. To work, to church, to visit Santa – it’s an all around winner. Matter of fact, I’m wearing it today in real life and wore it not once but twice this past weekend. I told you, I’ve got a problem. It’s just the perfect length, is light-weight but still cozy and the sleeve length is much appreciated by this long armed gal.

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I wish I had more to say but I don’t. To tell you the truth I’m scrounging this post together late night. The kids are fast asleep, I just showered and I’m exhausted. No one said adulting was easy but geeze, does it have to be so hard? Sure, those few blissful moments of perfection throughout the day make things almost seem not so hard but they’re brief and ever fleeting. Am I getting too deep and dark? Probably. Seasonal depression, is that you?

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Get the Look: 

Sweater | Denim | Similar Jacket | Boots


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