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Holiday Gift Guide | For the New Mom

For the third installment of the 2016 Holiday Gift Guide series, today we are rounding up gifts for the new mom! Since I’ve got some experience in that department I figured I’d share some of the items that we use and love and have helped us tremendously the first and second time around! I also thought I’d dig a little deeper with this one and offer some input on why we love these items so much.

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Freshly Picked Moccasins – Well designed, sturdy shoes for baby? Yes please! This mom is behind a pair of shoes that stays on baby’s feet without being too constricting. FP moccs are buttery soft, come in a variety of colors and are a great gift for the mom to be!

Little One Book – Written by a friend, this book is the next generations’ “I’ll Love You Forever.” Such a sweet message and an excellent gift for boy moms everywhere.

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Zen Swaddle – We love this swaddle blanket and probably wouldn’t be able to put Theo to bed at night without it. The weighted center of the Zen Swaddle mimics touch so that baby thinks you’re still in constant contact while they sleep.

Fin + Emma – I’m an advocate for children’s apparel that utilize fabrics that are gentle on baby’s skin, so I absolutely love Fin + Emma products! Hand-knit toys and organically grown fabrics? What’s not to love?! Psst – you can receive 15% off order over $50!

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Copper Pearl Bibs –  A solution for drooly babies everywhere and constant wet clothes? Bibs. These come in a variety of colors and patterns and are really absorbent, not to mention the fabric is super soft and gentle on baby’s skin.

Owlet Baby Monitor – Not your average baby monitor, it supervises a child’s heart rate and oxygen levels, and is designed to alert you if they stop breathing. Trust me when I say that I rest a lot easier knowing that hospital grade technology is an extra set of eyes watching over my baby. I love that you can simply login to the Owlet app on your phone and check vitals without disturbing baby’s sleep. (Read my thoughts here!)

Dockatot – The newest layer of protection for our co-sleeping situation, this sleeper docking station is a godsend! Portable, lightweight and extremely comfy, the Dockatot is also a great place to place baby down for some tummy time.

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JustFab Diaper Bag – The first time around I didn’t really use a diaper bag but with two kids it’s kind of necessary. The Ebby carry-all satchel has tons of storage pockets, a changing pad and is perfect for the mom on the go.

Binxy Baby Cart Hammock – Can be used with an infant car set and holds up to 50 pounds – this cart hammock is a must-have for new moms! Great for grocery shopping and even better for mom’s of multiples.

Beluga Carrier Wrap – I love the soft, stretchy fabric of the Beluga wrap and think it’s a must for mom’s everywhere! Great for babies with acid reflux, mom’s that need access to both hands and helps put baby to sleep!

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This is not a sponsored post however the items shown here were gifted to us by the brands. A special thank you to Freshly Picked, Nested Bean, Copper Pearl, Owlet Care, Dockatot, Fin + Emma, JustFab and Beluga Baby for gifting us these products we love! As always, all opinions are my own.


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