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Forever 21 Dress [last worn here] | Cardigan | Similar Boots | Hat

A few weeks ago, Lauren of Fashionably Lo shared a great post on what her significant other thought about her style. It was a very funny read so I thought I’d get my fella’s take on my personal style. One particular answer had my practically rolling on the floor but I wasn’t really surprised with his thoughts. After 10 years together I think I’ve got his preferences down. Here’s how he answered.

Dresses or Jeans? “Dresses.”

Heels or Flats? “Heels, I guess. But you don’t really wear them which is okay.”

Least favorite item of clothing/outfit I wear? That one outfit you had me photograph for the blog two summers ago. I still don’t get it and I definitely don’t like it. (FYI – this is the outfit he’s referring to, LOL!)

What do you think I should wear more of? (What looks best on me?) “Skirts and dresses. Anything that shows off your legs. You have nice legs.”

Fill in the blank: I have too many/much… “Clothes. No, I change my mind. You have too many shoes, they’re everywhere!”

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Get the Look:

Forever 21 Dress [last worn here] | Cardigan | Similar Boots | Hat


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