Babywearing Diaries: Wraps

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Babywearing. The concept is new to me. I wasn’t necessarily a fan of ‘wearing’ my daughter because, to be honest, I thought it instilled a sense of attachment between baby and mother. Notice that I used the term attachment rather than bond? Yeah, I was completely and utterly wrong about that terminology. Now that I’ve been exploring the world of babywearing I know that my first impression was askew.

Over the last several weeks, Theo and I have embarked on a babywearing journey! This time around I really can’t imagine not wearing him around the house or to run errands. Babywearing has made life as a mother that much easier, and trust me when I say it’s been a life saver.

Unfortunately the little guy suffers from reflux which in turn causes him to be fussy and uncomfortable. However, babywearing has help me accommodate his environment so that he can sleep soundly and comfortably all while I have access to both hands. Having him wrapped snug as bug on me has allowed me to get things done around the house, go grocery shopping with both kids and enjoy afternoons at the park with Remy.

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I also believe that babywearing Theo has created a strong bond between him and I. I know from experience that the newborn days go by quickly so I am fully cherishing this time together by keeping him close while also going about my day. I love that he’s there, by my heart, but not limiting my productivity.

The two baby carriers I tested out first were the Beluga Wrap and the Moby Wrap. There are many different carrier options available to parents but for my first go at it I thought I’d try wraps because they are the simplest available. For a babywearing beginner like myself, I like that both wraps come in knit jersey fabrics. I think the materials allowed for supreme coziness for Theo and made the wrapping process a lot easier for me to master. I really enjoy my Beluga Wrap a little more than the Moby because the fabric was easier to handle. The material also has more give and strech. With the Beluga wrap I was also able to wear Theo higher on my body and was able to wrap him up tighter without feeling like he was suffocating. I think the Moby wrap has too much fabric so assembling the carrier feels like it takes much longer and the excess fabric seems heavy on my body. However because there was less strech to the material I felt like Theo was more secure. There is good and bad to both wraps and I use each for differnt types of outings.

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As I continue to explore the world of babywearing I’ll be taking to the blog to share my thoughts on the different carrier options as a way to impart my knowledge to any other mothers reluctant to wear their children. I really do hope that my insights might change your mind or at least nudge you to try babywearing for yourself. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you may have, I’m happy to help!


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