The New Normal: Life with Two Kids

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My siblings and I are 10 years apart. Yep, you read that correctly , 1-0! This made growing up different than most households with multiple kids. At one point In our lives we played the only child but also had to deal with the characteristics that come with being the eldest, the middle kid, or the baby of the family. My experience with siblings was something that had an effect on whether or not I wanted multiples. Now that I have two children (that still seems crazy to me!) I’ve learned quite a few life lessons.

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Everyday there’s a new challenge, a new lesson, a new memory made. Life with two kiddos is quite the responsibility and one that I’m working on day by day.

Going from 1 child to 2 is difficult. In reality, difficult doesn’t even begin to explain it. I’d been warned that it was much easier to go from 2 children to 3 than it is to go from 1 to 2. I wouldn’t know, but man it was a wake up call! Our parenting style went from zone defense to man-to-man.

Dedicating time with just Remy is something that I have made a mission. It doesn’t happen nearly as much as I’d like but it’s getting done and I think she is cherishing our dates. We typically dedicate a weekend morning to breakfast, a fun errand that Remy would enjoy and a meal of her preference.

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Seeing Remy lovingly admire her little brother warms my heart. She is constantly asking to give him kisses and loves making funny voices to make him smile.

Both Kevin and I are actively trying to get Remy involved in our evening tasks/chores. This makes her feel valued. She loves feeding the dogs and helps daddy take out the trash.

 photo IMG_4047_zpszgrzsbdu.jpgIt may be a little while before I truly enjoy a spa-like shower in my own home again but I’m getting pretty good at the five minute shower routine.

I can’t wait until Theo gets a little older and he and Remy can interact and play together. It will also make preparing dinner easier, and getting other tasks around the house done faster. Let me rephrase; it will allow getting tasks around the house done.

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On Theo: Onesie | Sweats | Bib c/o


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