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Denim | Dress (worn as a kimono) | Tank via Target | Boots via JustFab [similar]

My maternity leave is coming to an end. I am both sad and excited about this. I’ve been spending my days cuddling up with my little guy, fulfilling my domestic duties, or roaming around my local Target. I don’t think I’m necessarily made to be a full-time SAHM. Part-time maybe, but full-time me thinks not. I need more adult conversation/human interaction to feel sane.

Lots of random thoughts stream through my mind while I’m stuck under my little guy after he’s passed out from a milk coma. Thoughts that typically don’t make the cut while in conversation. So I thought I’d share them here in hopes that we can exchange pleasantries. Here goes nothing…

I recently found a Starbucks gift card in an old handbag and I’m saving it for my first day back in the office.

The 12 items or fewer isle at the grocery store annoys me. It totally makes sense for that cashier to have a bagging assistant while I’m over here struggling in the self check-out isle with 2 kids and no help bagging my groceries.

This candle is giving me life! So perfect for Fall.

If ’The Purge’ were real I often wonder if I’d partake. I especially consider ‘purging’ when someones’ really mean to helpless people.

The Apple iOS 10 update has effected my battery life. Seriously, after about 3 hours my phone is fried.

Baby skin is sooo soft. This is especially true after a bath.

I really need to get rid of the extra Halloween candy we have at my house. A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips.

The holiday season is officially upon us and my favorite holiday – Thanksgiving – is right around the corner.

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Get the Look:

Denim | Dress (worn as a kimono) | Tank via Target | Boots via JustFab [similar]


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