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A Tiny Dose of Oomph

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Since Theo’s arrival, figuring out this mother of two thing has been quite the task. I’ve been working really hard not to loose myself in the role of ‘mother’ because I’ve been there done that and it’s not a pretty picture for my psyche. While I’m trying to regain a little of my former identity as a mother of one (damn, I was just starting to have that gig down!), I’ve gotta keep it real with myself and realize that things are different and I’m in a new chapter in my life. Sure, I’m working on rediscovering myself as just Joanne but this new role is kinda exciting. Tiring but exciting.

In this rediscovery process I’m strutting into a new style territory. Well not necessarily new but different. Instead of packing on the prints or going bold with the trends, I’m keeping my style simple with a hint of whimsy. The sleeves of this tee add the perfect amount of whimsy! I love how understated this look is but with an added oomph. And we can all used a tiny dose of oomph, am I right?

Also, did you see the official Gilmore Girls trailer? Gah, I can’t wait!

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Get the Look:

Tee | Similar Denim | Similar Military Jacket | Flats


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