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Being a style blogger can really mess with the way you look at yourself. You gather inspiration from around the web, your blogger peers, and tend to analyze what works from some and what doesn’t, and as such apply those methods to your own blog/brand. In that analytic process tho, one can often get lost in the aspirational aspect of it all. The haze that blocks the reality from the expectation.

I am someone who gets lost on that haze rather easily. I KNOW that there is more behind the staged Instagram photos or the perfect, shiny images but I let the luster blind me. And once I’m blind I can’t seem to shake the feeling that I may not be enough. Enough for the industry, my readers, the whole shebang.

But once I do some self-reflection and snap myself out of it (this happens on a weekly basis, to be completely honest) I realize my worth to the community. While I may not be staged or shiny, my hope for this blog and my ‘brand’ is to be inspirational to other women that go about their average lives fabulously (see what I did there!?). My hope and my role is to offer up personal style inspiration that is accessible and available to the everyday gal.

It’s not that I lack the luster but that I have luster of my own. I just need to remind myself of it more times than most.

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