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Hospital Bag Packing List

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Prior to Remy’s labor and delivery, I read a ton of different articles and blogs on what to pack for the hospital. In the end, there were some really great suggestions and a few duds but all in all, I think most of the items I ended up bringing with me to the hospital were utilized. Now that I can consider myself a veteran hospital bag packer (ha, yeah right!), I thought I’d share the items I consider necessities, along with a few that may not have been a right for me but may be right for you and your hospital stay experience. Without further ado, let’s dive in to what I packed in my hospital bag…the second time around.

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For Mom:

  • Toiletries – which included toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, dry shampoo, a razor, brush, hair ties, face wash, moisturizer, body wash, lotion, makeup essentials, makeup removal wipes and chapstick. Trust me when I say you want to feel as normal as possible after delivering your tiny human. With the shock of it all and hormones, having access to your tried and true products makes looking somewhat presentable much easier and necessary. Tip: Consider purchasing travel sized items to offer up more real estate in your hospital bag.
  • Grippy Socks & Flip Flops – In place of the grippy socks, which for me are a godsend, you might want to contemplate bringing slippers. The flip flops are for the hospital showers, so bring a cheap pair.
  • Nursing Necessities – this includes a nursing bra, tank and nursing pads. These are more or so needed for the day you get discharged from the hospital. The paperwork typically takes a couple of hours but in that time you can change into your regular clothes and have your nursing necessities ready at the wings. You will be doing a ton of breastfeeding around the clock, so you want to ensure you have items that are made for easy access to the ‘ladies.’
  • Robe and PJs – I didn’t bring my own pair of pajamas or a robe for my first delivery but remember feeling super exposed during my stay in the hospital. So the second time around I brought both and felt more ‘at home’ and comfortable when people came to visit. For pajamas, remember to bring a pair that allows for easy nursing.
  • Comfortable Clothing – While I spent most of my stay either in my pajamas or a hospital gown, I did pack something comfortable to wear home. Something as simple as a pair of yoga pants, a nursing tank and a kimono will do.

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For Baby:

  • Car Seat and Car Seat Cover – The cover is optional, the car seat is obviously not. Regarding the car seat cover tho, I liked having something that blocked out the bright light for baby once we exited the hospital. Also, how cute is this pattern?!
  • Going Home Outfit – I’d suggest bringing two seasonally appropriate options in different sizes in case one doesn’t fit. I’d also recommend including mittens to protect the baby from scratching his/her face, socks and a hat. You can never be too prepared!
  • Swaddle Blanket – Note that the hospital does provide the pink and blue stripe ones, so if you’re okay with that then you can cross this item off your list. However some mothers like to bring something a tad more special.

For Dad:

  • Snacks/Extra Cash – Some hospitals don’t provide meals for dad, so having a small repository of snacks or some extra cash on hand may be a good idea.
  • An Extra Pair of Comfy Clothes.
  • Toothbrush.

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  • Electronics and Chargers – This includes items such as phone chargers, camera and charger, tablets and chargers, etc. You never know how long labor and delivery will be so some entertainment (for you and/or for dad) during some possible downtime may be needed.
  • Many people would suggest bring your own pillow. For me this didn’t seem like quite the necessity for either of my hospital stays, I just nagged the nurses for extras but if you want to feel more ‘at home’ bringing your own pillow (don’t forget the hubby) may be a good idea.
  • Also, don’t forget glasses, contacts and contact solution.
  • A random item I would recommend packing would be a towel. If you plan on showering while at the hospital trust me when I say you’ll want to bring your own. The one’s the hospital provide are teeny tiny.

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