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So we’re home! If you follow me on social media (all linked below), then you’ve gotten a pretty great behind the scenes look at the last several days for the Mason clan. Our little gentleman, Theodore LeRoy Mason, made his grand appearance on Wednesday, September 7th but I’ll have a more detailed account of his birth story within the next couple weeks, so stay tuned for that!

I wanted to officially dedicate a post solely to his introduction, as was done for Remy. The littlest Mason is a ray of sunshine in our home and has brought us so much joy! We can all be found just huddled around him on the couch admiring his existence – it’s as if he has us all under a spell! The days aren’t without their challenges though, but it seems that at an instant a moment of shear love fades any tension or frustration that we have to a far away place. We are madly in love with our little dude.

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Bringing home a baby is strange the second time around. You technically know what you’re was getting yourself into but there’s something different about the experience. The realization that you’re doing it all over again crashes over you and seems so consuming, it’s a bit paralyzing. Truthfully I’m still in shock – I’m not just a mother but a mother of two tiny souls. WEIRD! And this new little human that has entered my life has opened up a new part of my heart that will forever be changed and raw and exposed. I’ve been thanking God every day  for the gift that is Theodore and for letting me be his mama bear. He’s my little prince.

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