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As I officially hit the nine month mark in my pregnancy, I’ve also finally hit the, “I’m over this – give me my body back!” phase as well. It can truly have something to do with how freakin’ hot it is outside (we had heat adversaries all weekend long), but man oh man am I ready for this little guy to grace us with his presence. All the non-fun parts of pregnancy have hit me with a vengeance in the last several days – from swollen ankles to Braxton Hicks contractions – I’m a never ending complaint box. It doesn’t help that clothes no longer flatter my growing figure…I’m just a walking whale now. But I’ve accepted it because God has chosen us to be this little dudes family and I am grateful for that every single day, even the hard ones.

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Get the Look:

Dress (worn as a shirt) via H&M | Liverpool Maternity Shorts via Stitch Fix Sneakers Tote Earrings


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