Pregnancy Update – Week 34

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  • I have had more issues with my eyes this pregnancy than with my last. There was a two week stretch a couple months back where I could only wear my glasses. Many women experience a change in eye shape during pregnancy because of the hormonal changes and I’m pretty sure I’m going through that. 
  • Little dude is still as active as ever.
  • I am having more trouble catching my breath going up and down our steps. 
  • Total weight gain= 30 pounds. According to my doctor I should be gaining a pound a week. So let’s hope I only gain six more pounds in the next several weeks. 
  • I’m getting up to go to the bathroom a lot more now. But because of the lack of space little dude as in there, he sits on my bladder convincing me that I have to go. Even when I don’t. 
  • My ankles have started to swell at the end of day. Serious cankle problems!
  • My belly button has popped!
  • This weekend/next weekend I WILL finish the nursery. And I’ll install the car seat. And I’ll pack my hospital bag. 
  • I think I need to start eating smaller meals throughout the day. Typically after dinner (my biggest meal) I tend to vomit…in my mouth. So sexy, I know!
  • I want all the sweets. I’ve been craving milkshakes, cookies, ALL THE THINGS!
  • I thought Kevin was on board with the name but as of earlier this week he seemed hesitant. NOOOOO! Remy already calls him but the name;)
  • My baby sprinkle is this weekend and I’m so excited! 
  • If all goes according to plan, the next Pregnancy Update post will be the last?!


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