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Let’s get real here, there are days when I have trouble figuring out what to wear in the morning. Does the phrase, “I have nothing to wear,” sound familiar?  I can easily rattle off a list of what I don’t want to wear, but putting together a cohesive look, that represents my mood for that particular day and my personal style is usually a daunting task. As I’ve learned to navigated my style these last few years on the blog, I’ve come to realize the looks I tend to gravitate towards and in developing my personal style I’ve learned a couple of tricks along the way. Here are a four questions to ask yourself when trying to pinpoint your personal style…

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  • Does your closet house items that you just can’t live without?

Your closet should be a treasure trove of pieces you absolutely love and that truly represent your style. Pare it down if you need to and get rid of anything that’s worn out, doesn’t fit or that you haven’t worn in the last six months.

  • Do you have a place to curate style inspiration?

How did we live without Pinterest? It’s a great place to gather images that speak to you and your style. Start a board solely dedicated to pins of looks you’d like to recreate. This will help you combat that “I have nothing to wear” feeling that happens from time to time.

  • Do you have an understanding of what works for your body type?

This alone will make dressing yourself far simpler, I promise you that! Once you’ve got a knack for the pieces that flatter your body type shopping becomes a much easier task. Scroll through your Instagram and mentally jot down the styles and silhouettes that look best on your figure.

  • Do you need a shopping buddy?

If you tend to employ the help of a friend when shopping but rather do your shopping online I think I see where you may need help. An easy way to kill two birds with one stone is by getting someone to do the shopping for you. And that my friends is where Stitch Fix comes into the mix.

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Loveappella Maternity Knit Tee via Stitch Fix, White Denim, DV8 D’Orsay Flats via Stitch Fix, Necklace, Tote

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Gilli Maternity Dress via Stitch Fix, c/o JustFab Booties, Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC

If you aren’t familiar with the online service let me school you for a quick minute. Stitch Fix is basically your own online personal shopper. You start off by filling out a style profile which includes questions regarding your size, favorite colors, trends, dislikes, price preferences, the list goes one. You pay $20 and your Stylist sends a box of 5 handpicked items straight to your doorstep – no pants or bra necessary! From there you keep what you want and send back what you don’t want in a nifty prepaid mailing bag. That initial $20 that you put down upfront? Well that goes towards whatever you decide to keep. Simple as that!

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Loveappella Maternity Tee via Stitch Fix, Liverpool Maternity Shorts via Stitch Fix, Tote, Sneakers

What I love most about Stitch Fix is that it’s not your standard subscription service. No friends, you can request a box as often as you’d like. You don’t automatically get charged every month and don’t need to ‘skip’ for the month. Another great perk (especially for me right now!) is that Stitch Fix offer’s maternity-wear! Genius am I right?! I’m especially looking forward to using my online shopping buddy post-baby, since heading to a mall might become difficult to do when Baby Boy Mason arrives.

Happy (non) shopping!

I was interviewed by the folks over at Stitch Fix! Would love for you to read it here

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