5 Tips for Partnering with Brands

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Everyone is trying to be a blogger these days. What with the possibility to quit your day job and get paid upwards of six figures, its become the perfect ‘no job’ job for Millennials around the globe. It’s an easy industry to break into, but it’s also a very saturated community so it’s harder to standout to brands. One must learn to set themselves apart instead of cold pitching without doing your research. Here are four ways to successfully partner with brands:

1// Do your research.

First and foremost, you’ve got to do a little digging and qualify whether a brand is a good fit for you and your blog. Simple as that.

2// Join a blogger collective.

Blogger collectives can save you a lot time and gain you a good chunk of money. They are designed to do the leg work for you, vetting their database of brands to help create opportunities for bloggers. There are blogger collectives available for all types of bloggers, from fashion and food to family and beauty. Collectives structure partnerships with brands, essentially managing the partnership for you.

3 & 4// Provide statistics and have great visuals.

Most brands won’t just agree to partner with bloggers without checking out their stats and getting a better sense of their blogs’ aesthetics. This is why providing blog statistics with superior visuals right off the bat is a great idea. Blog stats should be accurate and can be easily pulled from blog analytic tools and/or Google Analytics. I’d also suggest providing links of past similar projects/campaigns.

Equally as important are blog images. The images must be high quality and visually appealing. A bad image can really hurt you and your brand, so don’t just post any old image just for the sake of it.

5// Be specific with your request.

The best email proposals are extremely clear and state within the first two sentences what the campaign idea is and what the value is of working with you. Bloggers should effectively detail exactly what they’d like to do for the brand and provide very detailed specifics.

For example, spell out exactly what you’d be willing to offer brands –  “I can publish 1 blog post with 5 images of the product, I can produce 1 Instagram post and 4 tweets. All social media handles will also be tagged appropriately to highlight your brand.” It’s important to stay within the agreement’s requirements once the campaign has been established. Don’t go back on what you’ve already agreed to.


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