Pregnancy Update – Week 31

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  • The date has been set for Baby Boy Mason’s sprinkle shower! For those unfamiliar with a ‘sprinkle’ it’s basically a low-key version of a baby shower. I’m really excited since we didn’t get a huge celebration for Remy because we were in Arizona. 
  • As opposed to my last pregnancy I am still wearing my wedding rings! Well, technically only my engagement ring. My wedding band came of a little while ago.
  • While I’m not quite as anxious as I was the first time around, I have become rather irritable. I feel like any little thing sets me off into a tailspin of harsh mumbling underneath my breath. There’s also a lot of eye-rolling.
  • I’ve been slathering the Cocoa Butter like champ but alas the stretchmarks are rearing their ugly head. Hopefully they eventually go away like they did with my first pregnancy. 
  • I was living the high life with the energy I was running on and the constant need to nest, but I’ve already noticed a slow return of my good friend fatigue. I hope it holds off for a little while longer so that I could get a few last minutes tasks completed around the house. 
  • A couple weeks ago I experienced my first bout of braxton hicks contractions. Holy moly I wasn’t expecting that sharp of a pain! I didn’t experience 

    braxton hicks with Remy so I was unpleasantly surprised to feel how painful they are. 

  • While we haven’t officially settled on a name yet, I think Kevin is starting to come on board with my first choice! I sure hope so cause I’ve already been calling Baby Boy Mason by this name;)
  • Seriously, this little guy was either a soccer player or an acrobat in his past life. ALWAYS on the move, ALWAYS in constant motion. 
  • I’ve been on a sweet tooth kick lately. And if you know me, that’s weird. I love my salty, savory foods but that has not been the case as of late.
  • I wish we were having professional maternity photos taken this pregnancy but I don’t think it’s going to happen. 
  • Remy constantly asks me how her little brother is doing and it makes my heart so happy. 
  • I am measuring on target and only gained 3 pounds since my last appoint four weeks ago! Let’s hope I continue to keep my weight in check for the remainder of this pregnancy. 
  • From here up until about 36 weeks I’ll be attending my OB appoints every two weeks. 


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