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Currently Craving: Nursery Decor Ideas (Part Deux)

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When I began planning Remy’s nursery, prior to her arrival, I had grand plans for how I wanted it to look and feel. From a statement wall to an elaborate vision, the final product was everything I wanted and more! This time around, we are in a different place both geographically and financially. In the last three years we have moved across the country to a much smaller home, we don’t have the funds to go all out as we once did, nor do we have the desire to. My ‘vision’ for Baby Boy Mason’s nursery is a lot simpler and minimalist. (The same goes for Remy’s ‘big girl room’ transition, which I’ll discuss in a separate post.) 

While thinking of ways to fully utilize Baby Boy Mason’s small space I basically scrapped the whole ‘theme’ idea and figured I’d settle on a color scheme to really simplify the process. I think different shades of gray would be my best bet. Similar to my thought process with Remy’s nursery, I don’t want a gender specific aesthetic, so the various shades of gray allows the room to remain neutral and serene.

Furniture we already have on hand that we’ll be handing down from Remy’s room are: the crib, the glider, the bookshelf and the changing table. The small dresser (similar pictured) is part of our guest bedroom, which is now going to be Baby Boy Mason’s nursery so that’s an easy transition. Same goes for a few lamps we have that just need to be spray painted gray. Items I’d like to purchase are: a neutral rug, these adorable pillows (octopus, fox, trees), these storage bins, this bed sheet (which will add to the one’s we already have on hand that are in the color scheme) and some wall art.

All in all, I really think I can keep our budget at under $150 if I could avoid purchasing any random pieces along the way. I’m excited to start putting everything together, however that requires removing the furniture that is already in what will be the nursery so we shall see. Make sure you’re following along via my social media accounts (all usernames are @joannealma) to see the process go down within the next several months. And make sure to come back here sometime in September to see the big reveal! Until then, thanks for stopping by!



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