Let the Light Overcome the Darkness – Some Thoughts on Orlando

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Last night I was trying to put together a Wardrobe Diaries post but I couldn’t. I couldn’t think of anything pithy, or clever, or remotely fascinating about something as materialistic about clothes. Ever since the news of the Orlando tragedies broke my heart has been heavy. I wasn’t directly affected but the news has shaken me to my core. I’m trying to compute what happened but I just can’t. Why must there be so much hate/violence/abuse in the world? It scares me to think that public places aren’t safe anymore. Heck, safe havens aren’t safe anymore. We have to live in a world where we are in fear of someone else’s actions. A school. A church. A concert. A nightclub. I just don’t get it. This is not where I want our society to be. Haven’t we evolved? Haven’t we learned from our mistakes? Far too many lives are being lost over the most petty things, and it sickens me to believe that this is becoming the norm. Wouldn’t it be easier to put our energy into feeding the light of the world than the darkness? Wouldn’t it be easier to love one another’s differences? To tolerate, to accept, and if you’d don’t agree MOVE ON. I just don’t understand hate, can someone explain it to me?

Soon enough I’ll be raising two children in this broken world. I understand that God never promised us rainbows and unicorns, but shouldn’t we seek and/or create those things among the brokenness? There is going to be a generation of children unscathed by news of mass killings and I for one can’t be a part of shaping that mentality. It is not right. And we can’t just sit around hoping, PRAYING, for change.

There’s no real reason for this post, but I figured if I a platform to share what I have say I’m going to share it, because isn’t that our duty? To spread a positive message in a world where there is so much darkness? And while I may only have a couple hundred readers, I hope my message is resonating with at least one person. To make a positive change in the world somehow, someway today. Tomorrow. For as long as you’re living. Because people’s lives are being lost and they don’t get that chance to live. So today I encourage you to just spread light. To put a smile on someone’s face, to make someone laugh, to just adjust your attitude just a little bit. Because if there’s one thing I truly believe in, it’s that love can conquer hate.


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