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FabAve Turns Five

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So it completely slipped my mind, but Fabulously Average celebrated it’s fifth birthday several weeks ago. FIVE! That’s bananas?! For those that have been readers from day one – thank you for still being on this journey with me! A lot has changed in the last five years, hasn’t it?! We’ve gone from the Arizona desert to the Nation’s Capital, from no kids to almost two – a lot has gone down! For those that are joined the fun along the way or new readers – welcome and thanks for tagging along!

While I’ve been questioning whether or not I should keep the blog alive, I remind myself of why I started. It truly is something that I’m proud of, even if I don’t have an abundance of readers and can’t quit my job to be a full-time blogger (yes, people do that!). But if one day in the near future I decide I’ve got nothing left to share, I can always look back at my life at any given moment on there here blog. That’s pretty fantastic!

So here’s to my little corner of the internet, may it continue to be a true reflection of what I’m wear, how I’m feeling and of my average yet fabulous life!

A look back at FabAve: Year 1 | Year 2 | Year 3 | Year 4

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