FabAve Travels: Denver Photo Diary

Let me start off this post with fare warning that it is chalk full of photos from our trip to Denver. I tend to carry my DSLR all day, erry day because there were just so many sites to see! The idea of capturing our vacation and bottling it up here on the blog helps with my forgetfulness, LOL! And also, what’s the point of the blog if it doesn’t chronicle my life, just as it is? I hope you enjoy!

Heads up, I’ll be sharing a travel guide sometime within the next few days, so stay tuned. In the meantime, if you’re heading to the City by the Bay anytime soon, check out

my Guide to San Francisco!

photo IMG_2431_zps9uvf8b1c.jpg

photo IMG_2459_zpsxyzxsq4k.jpg

photo IMG_2473_zpss4bh3dub.jpg

photo IMG_2482_zpsclkhsk4f.jpg

photo IMG_2460_zpsvdtnrp4k.jpg

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photo IMG_2474_zpsxnbtecd5.jpg

photo IMG_2481_zpsf2742k6p.jpg

photo IMG_2547_zps2m4ufsnr.jpg

photo IMG_2537_zpsiok6jbsh.jpg

photo IMG_2544_zps4vcmtvmo.jpg

photo IMG_2514_zpsiafsl7yn.jpg

photo IMG_2539_zpsdwcd1ywx.jpg

photo IMG_2546_zpsmq2mo3bn.jpg

photo IMG_2480_zpsrofgqskd.jpg

photo IMG_2470_zps4eruop3c.jpg

photo IMG_2468_zpsj7hmp5j5.jpg


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