Pregnancy Update: Week 22

I’m still in shock that I’m more than half way through with this pregnancy, time is flying by! Five and half months down – boom! So without further adieu, the latest Pregnancy Update

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  • This pregnancy has been far easier on my body, thus far, than my first. My back hasn’t really been sore yet and I don’t feel quite as miserable as I did with Remy. 
  • If you haven’t heard the news, we’ll be welcoming a boy to the family! I’m super excited for Kevin to have a son, but also happy Remy got her wish for a ‘brudder.’ 
  • While I’m happy for a boy (yay, one of each) I’m also a little nervous for a completely different experience. I don’t know how to work with boys! 
  • My next OB appoint is Friday, so I’m excited to hear his little heart beat and get some additional images of our little guy. 
  • This week the fella and I are on our babymoon slash joint birthday trip. We have come to terms with the fact that this will probably be our last trip without kids. 
  • I feel like my bump is still fairly small but I could tell that my body in general has packed on some pounds. Really different from the last pregnancy in which I gained most of my weight at the end. 
  • Ankles still intact and rings still fitting…for now. 
  • Homeboy kicks far more than Remy did, at least from what I can remember. He squirms ALL THE TIME! I like it:)
  • Still can’t find my maternity clothes. I’ve added 2 pairs of maternity jeans and 1 pair shorts but I want (not really need) more options. However I don’t want to buy clothes that I’ll only wear for a short time – this is my last pregnancy after all. 
  • Current cravings: pickled red onions, bacon and arugula. Strange I know but imagine the sandwich possibilities!
  • Current aversions: only egg yokes. 


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