Pregnancy Update: Week 18

Looking back through my Pregnancy Update posts during my pregnancy with Remy is strange. How will things be different? How would things be the same? So many known’s and so many unknown’s – it’s all so overwhelming in the best way possible! And the biggest difference, this time around, is that I’ll be running after an almost three year old along the way. Biggest realization thus far – there won’t be as much down time as there was before. As I previously mentioned, these Update posts will continue on for this second pregnancy. I hope you enjoy!

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  • I officially found out I was pregnant in late January. Although we had been trying it was a total shock. Come to find out, I also had a UTI and a sever bladder infection. My treatment for both was pretty limited, as not to interfere with the pregnancy, but my doc was able to put me on something that helped me recuperate without much fuss. 
  • In late February/early March I went to San Francisco to attend a work conference. That was interesting, especially because I hadn’t shared the news with my co-workers. Thankfully I had notified my bosses about my pregnancy and they were very supportive and excited. 
  • When I did spill the beans to my office everyone was pretty floored and said I hid my tiny baby bump well:)
  • With Remy, I suffered from morning sickness during my second trimester. Luckily, I haven’t had much issues this time around. Fingers crossed that continues.
  • Cravings include: Philly cheese steak’s, BLT’s and ice cream sandwiches. Obviously I’m going to need to watch my weight again this time around. I’ve already been warned by my OB that I need to make healthier choices. 
  • I feel like I’ve felt some movement but that could also be indigestion. 
  • We find out the gender on the 26th! Kevin would like to keep it a surprise, but I’ve got a few more weeks to convince him otherwise. I want to know! When asked Remy says she wants a brother. 
  • Current anxieties include: figuring out how we’re going to pay for two children in daycare – it’s ridiculous how expensive it is?!? Also, this time around I’m scared I’ll suffer from postpartum depression. Something about caring for two children and experiencing that mini identity crisis one has after giving birth just causes me a little panic. This time I’ll at least have friends and family around, but I could see myself taking on too much and letting it all build up. 
  • The weird realization that we’ll have a tiny baby in the house again makes me really happy!


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