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Knocked Up…AGAIN!

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If we are friends IRL, then you are aware of my secret – the Mason family is welcoming Baby No.2 in September! Wondering why I’ve been MIA from this little space of mine, well it’s because I’ve been exhausted and taking any spare minute to myself for sleep…or to watch Lifetime movies.

The hubby and I are super excited to be expanding our family, but I can’t deny the fact that I’m terrified. Will becoming a mother of two catapult me to legitimate adulthood? Will the fella and I survive two kids? Will Remy feel neglected once the baby arrives? Will our tiny townhouse feel cramped with two kids, two adults and two dogs? So many questions floating around in my head! All these questions and they probably won’t all get answers, but that’s life. You aren’t always prepared, there is never a right time and in the end you always figure it out. So I might as well embrace this exciting new time with my family, right? RIGHT!

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Here’s to new adventures, both in life and on the blog! I’m thinking of bring back my Pregnancy Updates ,there will for sure be a reincarnation of my Maternity Style series, and I’d like to share more motherhood/parenting posts. We shall see though, let’s hope I get back into the swing of blogging on a regular basis first, huh?


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