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Commitment Issues

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I’m not really sure if I’m fully committed to this outfit. Sure, I had to be when I was wearing it to church on Sunday, but to be candid with you, it’s a little wonky. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that the browns clash (which has never bothered me before, trust me) or that the boots don’t quite go with the dress. This look is sadly a flop for 2016. And here I thought I had a couple more months before the first bad outfit of the year.

I hate when that happens – you know, when you have your hopes up for something and in the end it just doesn’t work. The worst scenario for this situation is when you’re at a restaurant and you order something you’re sure to satisfy all your cravings and it’s a major dud. It’s worse if the person you’re sharing the meal with has something delicious. You then nonchalantly ask them for a bite and they oblige and your world comes crumbling down when your suspicions are right. They have the better meal. Note to self, always have the better meal.

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Dress | Very Similar Jacket | Boots


Note to my fellow curvy girls that aren’t quite plus sized but definitely not a size six – contemporary items at Forever 21 run about a half size larger than standard F21 pieces. This was a recent discovery and one that has changed my shopping method completely. 


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