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Have you ever heard the term, bloom where you are? When I first started this little ol’ blog, back in April of 2011, its purpose was to help me bloom where I was. In my mid-twenties and recently married, I had just moved across the country with my husband and had no clue how to live so far away from the place I called home. In that season of my life, I needed something to occupy my time, while also allowing me to share my version of living. Nearly five years later and I’m still trying to share what I like to consider my fabulous, yet average, life.

I often think that my lifes’ purpose is to do something spectacular and somehow change the world in some way. But I’m realizing more and more that our calling in life doesn’t have to be some grandiose plan. It can simply be the act of blooming where we are. Tiny things like learning from the world around us can help us grow in a way that may change someone else’s version of living. And isn’t that the point.

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