Best of FabAve Year in Review

2016 – Looking Back & Looking Ahead

To wrap of the year, I wanted to do three
things: (1) share my thoughts on 2015 and reflect on the goals
I set into place back in January; (2) set resolutions for the new year; and
(3) compile a post dedicated to rounding up some of FabAve’s best posts and a few highlights from the year. This post is the culmination of those three ideas.

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Looking Back:

2015 was a pretty big year for me both
personally and professionally. While I did manage to accomplish 2/3 of the goals I set out to accomplish last year, there’s one I kind of flubbed on – living a healthier life. After turning
the big 3-0 I did a pretty good job of running on a consistent basis (at least four times a week), but once the
tail end of summer hit I checked out and stopped being active all together. No
bueno. To make matters worse, I ate horribly for the remainder of the year, not giving
two-effs of what was going in my body. I don’t want to compare posts from the
beginning of the year to now, but I’ve easily gained 10 pound and I’m not happy
about it. And trust me when I say, the internet has noticed.

A goal that I set for myself in early 2015 that
I did accomplish was landing a job. Two months in to the year and I landed my
current job, a PR professional at a local tech public relations agency. I knew
early on that I had to set career based goals to succeed, and that’s exactly
what I did. One of which was recently achieved – I wanted to get promoted
before my year review and a few weeks ago that just what happened! After busting
my butt and dedicating a little extra time to the day job, I was promoted! I’m currently in the process of crafting up a few
new goals for 2016, but more on that below.

The third resolution I had set for myself
early last year was to stay connected with my family and friends, as well as
reach out to local bloggers. I think I did a better job than I have in the
past, as far as being present in the lives of those around me, but I could have
definitely done better. I did frequent family get-togethers and made time
to see my girlfriends, so that’s a win. I also was able to get to know my
fellow DMV bloggers, which was nice. I did however drop the ball at being more
engaging here on the blog, something I plan to rectify this  year.

Looking Ahead:

I, like everyone else, want to set a much
healthier standard for myself this year. Consistent workouts, better food
choices – the usual suspects. I want to be intentional and make this a
lifestyle. I know it’s possible, I’ve done it before,
but I need to take it seriously this time around and stop making excuses. For me,
joining a gym is an important step. I thrive in a group workout setting and
really want to be a member of a gym again for 2016.

As I previously mentioned, I’ll be setting
goals for myself professionally. One of my co-works will be going on maternity
leave in February, so this gives me a opportunity to step and be a major
players on the accounts we work on. I’d like to become a valued team member and
someone the higher-ups can depend on. I know that will take a lot of work and
probably some dedication taken outside of the office, but I’m willing to do
what it takes. With that, I’d also like to be promoted again by the Fall. I definitely
think it’s possible but it will take some major commitment and working on a
whole new set of skills.

While I’d obviously love to grow the blog in
2016, I also need to be realistic in this goal/resolution. Is it possible? Yes,
but it will also take a lot of time I really don’t have. However I want to be intentional in making the time to blog. The real goal is not
allowing the need for better numbers, more followers, more sponsorships to
consume me. Unfortunately that want/need took over the last half of 2015 and in a sense stifled my creativity. I’m not your cookie-cutter blogger and I need
to stop trying to be. It’s okay to fail at this, it is only a hobby/side gig,
but if I so happen to grow organically in 2016, then it shall be done without sacrificing
who I am. Less about quantity, more about quality!

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A few stats and highlights from 2015:

A big thank you to all the brands I was
able to work with in 2015!

Lastly, I wanted to give you all a virtual hug
and say thanks for coming by the blog in 2015! From my ride or die readers to
new friends I’ve made along the way, thanks for continuing to support me and
this blog. You are the reason I just can’t step away!


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