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How to Style: A Maxi Skirt for Fall

 photo howtostyleamaxiskirtforfall_zpsjkginvpl.jpg

I tend to forget about my maxi skirts when the cooler weather hits, which is silly because they add an extra layer of warmth against the cold. And think about it, you can even wear leggings or fleece-lined tights underneath and no one would know. Genius concept, I’m patting myself on the back as we speak;) But let’s get to the point of this post – three ways to style up a maxi skirt for the fall. Read on to get some ideas!

photo howtostyleamaxiskirtforfall1_zpspkxhc7zb.png

look 1: This is probably my favorite look of the bunch! It’s sleek and modern, and I’m totally diggin’ the color combo!

cape | tee | maxi | flats 

photo howtostyleamaxiskirtforfall2_zps3h3yof4f.png

look 2: Hitting the apple orchard, a wine tasting, or brunch with the ladies? This look is just what you need for a laid back take on the maxi with the perfect hint of effort.

tee | maxi | hat | boots

photo howtostyleamaxiskirtforfall3_zpssb7exbl1.png

look 3: Looking for a more bohemian take to the maxi? I got you covered! Plenty of layers with a bit of structure to counter act the flowyness of the maxi. BAM!

blouse | jacket | scarf | maxi | booties


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