Budgeting Shopping

An August Spending Story

So I wasn’t the most responsible person this
month as far as budgeting goes. In last months’ post I declared August a
shop-free month, but friends, that did not happen. I am far more disappointed
in myself than I should be, but the only way to learn is to be brutally honest
with myself, right? I’ve since seriously put things into perspective and have
had some tough conversations with myself on why I feel the need to buy, buy,
buy when I’ve got plenty of great clothes hanging in my overly-packed closets.
Yes plural – as in more than one closet. With that here are the items that made it
into my closet for the month of August.

 photo a_zpsf08tqxrj.jpg

C/O Items:

*item not pictured


Total spent:$149.98 (saved:$50)


The relaxed denim joggers haven’t made it in an outfit post just yet but they were included in my round up of the must-have denim for Fall. The floral blouse (worn here) is a piece I’m excited about, especially for the work week paired with jeans and booties. The F21 hat (worn here and here) is going to be seasonal staple, that’s for damn sure! The leopard prints flats, which were included in my 10 items for Fall post (worn on Instagram here) are definitely going to be a favorite. You remember the Gap flared jeans (worn here)? Yeah you do! And lastly, the studded nude flats (worn here) are going to be worn to death! The MVP (most valuable purchase) is still up for grabs but I’m thinking the leopard print flats might be winning!

As for courtesy of (c/o) items, I received plaid cardigan coat and this lace trim sweater from SheInside and I cannot wait to wear them! I also received these sunglasses from Panda and I’ve been wearing them non-stop!


Oh and if this has errors and doesn’t make sense, blame the train wreck that was the VMAs.


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