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I recently received an email from a reader asking about Remy’s eating habits and what snacks do I pack for her when we’ve got a jam packed day ahead of us. Now, I’ll never claim to be a Granola Mom, that’s just not me I’m far too lazy, but I do try to keep her daily snacks healthy, while also keeping things super simple for us all. Below I’ve rounded up some of Remy’s favorite snacks when we’re on the go.

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Trader Joe’s Sweet Apple Rings – I recently popped my Trader Joe’s cherry and I’ve gotta say, I get what all the hype is about! Their dried fruit selection is insane, and both Remy and I love their Sweet Apple Rings when we’re out and about with no time to spare. I typically grab a handful and dropped them in a zip-lock bag for easy access.

Plum’s Apple & Carrot organic baby food – I consider this an applesauce on the go and this is by far Remy’s favorite thing on earth. I’m just happy that there’s a serving of fruits and vegetables in these, so two thumbs up from mom! She loves these things so much I’ve had to limit her one per day.

Wegman’s Organic Juice Boxes – Juice was recently introduced to Remy, and while she still only drinks water and milk throughout the day, I like to carry a juice box when we’re out and about. These aren’t packed with sugar and are really watered down, which is why I prefer these for her.

Bananas – Banana’s, peel and go. What’s not to like?!

Plum’s Essential Nutrition Bars – These are basically nutragrain bars for kids with a hidden serving of some sort of vegetable. Remy loves these and they’re packaged individually so it makes life easy when we’re on the road.

Honey Nut Cheerios – Perfect for waiting for restaurant meals, or while driving to daycare before breakfast is served, I can always count on a zip-lock bag of Cheerios to entertain and feed my tiny human.

So fellow mamma’s, what snacks on the go do you like for your kids?


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