Everyday Makeup Routine

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I’d like to think that I’ve mastered the no makeup makeup look. It’s a look I wear to the office on the daily and one that only take about 10 minutes when I’m in a crunch. What does it require, you ask? A dab of BB cream, some filled in brows, a bit of concealers (#momprobs), mounds of mascara, and some rosy cheeks for good measure. Here are some of the drugstore products I use to master the look.

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    • This BB cream has been clutch this summer, especially with all the humidity we’ve been having. This is my first go at BB cream and I gotta say, I’m a fan! It’s lightweight and has light to medium coverage for when my skin is cooperating.
    • When it comes to covering up my dark circles I take things seriously, which is why I utilize two products that work wonders. First I start off with this orange tinted concealer to nix the blue undertones that dark circles provide, then I dab some of this concealers and blend with this brush.

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  • I’ve got no brows so filling them in is a must and I use this product to do the job. I then swipe my brows with this to make sure things stay into place.
  • I’m a big fan of rosy cheeks and this product always helps a girl out in the morning to add some color to my face.
  • And lastly, I apply tons of this mascara. I take pride in my lashes and believe that any of these products work wonders!

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