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Often times I find it strange that I continually shop at a store dubbed Forever 21. You can knock the quality, or the way the pieces are made, but you can’t knock a store that still successfully gets women well over the age of 21 to shop there. Am I right? I won’t deny the fact that stepping in a Forever 21 isn’t overwhelming to the eyes or that it isn’t a cluster eff for the senses (especially if you’re on a mission) but I’ve gotta give the store its proper cudos for repeatedly blowing me a way with how cute some of their pieces are. Take this outfit for example. I wandered in on my birthday with no specific want in mind and walked away with two cute (and affordable!) separates that just so happen to work together seamlessly. In the works of Fat Amy, “Crushed it.”

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 photo IMG_9631_zpstgtrhodu.jpg

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