Remy – 22 Months

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In just two months we’re going to have a full blown two year old on our hands. How is that my reality? Homegirl was just a baby a few months ago and now she’s giving me the cutest, most mischievous  looks. Man, I love her!




Vocabulary/Talking: I wish I could remember all the words Remy knows, people are always surprised by how vast her vocabulary is and how well she strings them together to create understandable sentences. She’s really into singing “Happy Birthday” to everyone right now and “Wheels on the Bus” is probably her current favorite.

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Development: She’s recently mastered this puzzle (yay!) and I’m thinking of picking up some more that will challenge her. She also really enjoys coloring and seems to be a righty. She’s not really into dolls but enjoys playing dress-up. She’s still really into books and enjoys being read to and ‘reading’ books.

Napping/Sleeping: She still goes to bed at 8 and typically wakes between 7 and 8. Lately I’ve been the one waking her up, which I have no qualms over! I’m considering pushing her to bed a tad bit earlier when we move but we’ll see how that goes when the time comes. She’s still napping once a day, usually lasting 2 hours.

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Eating: She’s still on a routine as far as dinner goes (PB&J sando, yogurt and some sort of fruit) but other than that continuity (if we’re eating dinner at home) she seems to be eating well at school that  we know of. When we’re out at restaurants it’s usually a hit or miss but if we’re at a place we frequently attend then we know what Remy likes.

Growth/Health: Again, no official stats until her 24 month/2 year check-up but she wears 2T-3T clothing, shoe size is 6-7 and wears a size 4 diaper. She seems to also have all her teeth other than her molars – total count 18! She loves brushing her teeth and enjoys when we sing the song (“This is the way we brush our teeth”) while she’s doing it.

We had a little scare earlier this month with some pretty high fevers but girlfriend took it like a champ. She still has a pretty juicy cough but nothing that seems alarming. We did have two pretty big falls this month. She fell on her knees and scraped them up pretty badly and more recently fell running down a hill…on her face. The left side of her face got a pretty nasty battle scar that’ll hopefully heal nicely. We’re slathering it up with Neosporin.

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  • She lifts my cell over her head, tilts her head and says, ‘cheese!’
  • Counts up to when she’s ready to sing. Kind of like, 5, 6, 7, 8…
  • Says, “I like this song!” when she likes a song
  • Lays quietly in her bed until we come into get her


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