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Today I figured I’d just share some of the random thoughts floating in my head. I always enjoy these types of posts when I read them on the blogosphere, so I thought I’d swipe someone else’s creativity. Happy Thursday to you, friends!

  • Is anyone watching the show Younger on TVLand? Highly suggest it, it’s hilarious and partially how I feel at work.
  • I’ve become obsessed with Snapchat. It’s seriously addicting. Make sure you follow along – username: joannealma
  • I recently gifted myself a Fitbit and y’all it has seriously made a difference in my activity level! I proactively park my car three block away from my office (where I can easily park it in the garage) just to up my steps for the day. I’m also in constant competition with co-works, so there’s that. Let me know if you have one and can add each other!
  • Once we’re moved in to our townhouse (in T-29 days) I’ll be on a strict budget. I suck at budgeting so this should be an interesting experiment.
  • Speaking of, I can’t wait to have my own place to decorate as I please! Pinterest will certain come in handy.
  • We’ve had some hot days, which have resulted on in some frizzy hair days. I’m going to need to re-evaluate my hair care products and upkeep.

Is there anything you’d like to be seeing more on the blog? Are there any series you’d like to return? Check out some previously covered content here.

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