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Lately I’ve been actively trying to let Jesus take the reigns in my life. He’s got a plan for me, so why fight it, ya know? (Hashtag: Jesus take the wheel.) And since letting Him take control, I’ve in turn let go of worry and anxiety; not completely but to an extend that’s allowed for a sense of calm to wash over me. With all that’s going on in my life: getting situated within my new career path, searching for a new home, letting new people in my life both professionally and socially – I don’t want any passed negativity seeping through into my character, because that’s not who I really am.

I recently spoke about energy transference, taking in the positive energy around me and letting that light spill out. And I think that by actively deciding to be happy I’m in turn a much happier person. And that’s where Joybound Apparel comes in. I recently announced that I’d been selected to become a brand ambassador for the line. Mia, the mastermind behind Joybound created the collection as a labor of love, but the significance of the brand is what resonated with me. To live a Joybound life is to exude happiness where you go. Shedding light in dark places and spreading joy to those around you. While I’m not a ray of sunshine every single second of the day, i do believe in bringing positive vibes with me everywhere I go. Now that’s a message I can stand behind!


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Get the Look:

Tee c/o Joybound Apprel | Exact White Denim | Similar Denim Jacket | Exact Sandals


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