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In just three weeks I’ll be celebrating yet another birthday. But this next one is special in that I’ll be entering my 30s. By age 30 Ross had already been divorced, twice. At age 30 Phoebe found out she was actually 31 and kisses Joey because he was 1/16 Portuguese. Fun FRIENDS facts brought to you by your resident average Jo;)

I feel like by the time you’re 30 you’ve got to have your shit together, and that’s far from the truth in my case. It seems that just as I’m getting things in order in one arena of my life, a new curve ball is thrown to keep me off balance. But I’m learning to navigate tough times in grace and I think that’s something only nearing your 30s can teach you. Right? That things will eventually work themselves out, and that an internal pep talk can change your mood.

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