Remy – Twenty-One Months

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Better late than never, am I right? This post almost didn’t get posted but then I would have felt guilty; not for sake but for mine.


Vocabulary/Talking: I can’t tell how much in awe I am of all the words she knows and how well she uses them. Maybe I’m biased but homegirl is smart! Recent words added to her vocabulary: door, yogurt, Chandler and Phoebe (our dogs), neck, necklace, blanket, coat, shirt, glasses, moneky, banana, bag, kiss, come, grandma, name, hooray, pig, heart, outside, walk, tie, and towel.

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Development: She can count to seven, skips eight, and continues on to 10! Can sing the ABC’s (you don’t understand all the letters but you know what she’s trying to say), sings Are You Sleeping, Twinkle Twinkle and No More Monkey Jumping on the Bed! She can also strings complete sentences together and can identify hearts and stars, in addition to list animals, clothing and fruit.

Napping/Sleeping: Her sleeping is pretty predictable. She goes to bed at 8 pm and sleeps until 7 am, sometimes later. Not all nights are spent in her crib but if she does wake and we bring her in to sleep with us it’s at around dawn.

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Eating: So we’re figuring out that she isn’t necessarily picky but rather likes to eat one type of food at a time. Like her father. And I find that really annoying. If you introduce foods all at once she’s more likely to not eat any of it. But if it’s one at a time she’s more open to trying it out.

Likes: Books, playing dress up, french fries, applesauce, and singing.

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Parenting: Often times I feel like I get a glimpse at the type of child/teenager Remy is going to be. She’s sassy and like to test authority, so I’m learning to navigate this unknown territory. I’ll report back with my finds;)


  • She can count. That alone blows my mind.
  • She has a friend named William at daycare. Who is this William character?
  • Girlfriend loves herself some shoes! Like mother like daughter.
  • She say’s ‘I love you’

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Hey Baby Girl,

I’m so proud to be your mother. You are not only smart but you’re becoming quite the cool kid. You’re becoming cooler than I am! Keep that spark, that curiosity and always love your mamma:)




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