Remy – Twenty Months

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Twenty months seems so major, does it not? It truly astounds me how much information Remy takes in and absorbs. She’s a sprung I tell ya!


Vocabulary/Talking: Newest words/phrases she’s added to her vocabulary include: pees (please), ‘was sat?’ (what’s that), Memmy (Remy), dude, sup, yum, cock-a-do (cock-a-doddle-do), ‘I you’ (I love you), head, eyes, nose, mouth, feet, tummy, knees, down, outside, ‘all right!’, ‘no way’, cool, dump (jump) and ‘all done.’ That’s all I can think of right now.

Oh, when you ask her her age she responds, ‘one’ and says ‘two’ when you ask her how old she’s going to be!

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Napping/Sleeping: We had a pretty sick baby towards the beginning of the month which was causing difficulty sleeping. BUT we are better and back to a normal sleeping schedule. In her own room, in her own crib. Praise!

Eating: Now that Remy’s in daycare I can’t monitor what she’s eating outside of my care but it seems like she’s being offered all types of food and as far as I’m told, is eating everything.

Current favorite foods include: quesadillas, grapes, bananas, french fries, apple sauce and graham crackers.

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Growth: Remy got weighed in when we had to go in while she was sick and found out she was 28 lbs. Other than that, no official stats until her 2 year/24 month check-up.

Likes: French fries, Dora the Explorer, Tickety Toc, shoes, books, music, singing, jumping, puppy kisses and folding clothes.

Parenting: It’s strange being a working parent again but I think this distance is only benefiting our relationship. We are learning to miss each other and I value every second we spend together since it’s not the norm anymore.

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  • Loves dancing to the Jeopardy song.
  • Enjoys sitting in kid chairs.
  • Pretends to fold clothes.
  • Tries to grab the laptop when ever she can to ‘blog’.
  • If we bring her in to cuddle with us on Saturday mornings, she likes to steal my pillow.


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My Dear Remy Face,

I’m not kidding when I say, you’re the coolest kid I know!  You love new adventures, like climbing things you shouldn’t be, ‘jumping’ (barely) and doing your goofy run! You still love to be read to but are starting to get interested in TV. You are perfecting your fake cry and are getting really good at throwing tantrums. All in all, you’re a pretty happy kid and I’m grateful for presence in my life each and every day.

Love , Mom Mom


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