Repeat Offender

As bloggers, often times our minds go blank when trying to drum up a blog post title. If you’re like me and don’t really give a rats ass about SEO then the title of your post usually is a fun play on what you’re blogging about. Recently I’ve noticed that I’ve got a couple dups under my belt, as in 2 different blog posts for 1 title. So today I thought it would be fun to analyze those duplicates and compare the outfits to each other!

 photo ro1_zpsttayunux.jpg

G.I. Jo 1 // G.I. Jo 2

Okay, the camo, I get it. Man, I miss those pants…

 photo ro2_zpsa0xhbmq1.jpg

A Little Bit of Rock & Roll 1 // A Little Bit of Rock & Roll 2

These are two totally completely different outfits for the same post title. I see how I might have come up with the title for post 1 but not too sure for no.2.

 photo ro3_zpsrwtorqb0.jpg

All Black Everything 1 // All Black Everything 2

Duh, ALL THE THINGS black. Although that sweater in the second look kinda throws it all off.

 photo ro4_zpsxp0vq5ri.jpg

Perfect Pairing 1 // Perfect Pairing 2

These two looks are probably in my top 10 looks of all time! I think they perfectly depict my style – feminine with a little bit of edge. And stripes, duh!

I’m sure there are more in the archives but this momma can’t really think straight today so 4 dups will do;) Thanks for reading!


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